Regarding real-time email technology and personalisation.
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Do your current eCRM campaigns utilise
real-time email technology?
Or is it time to consider enhancing your strategy?
Data driven eCRM using machine learning & neural networks
Personalise content for your customer at the moment of email open
Live email - change what the customer sees even after deployment
This could be based on your stock, the weather or your business needs
Personalisation dependant on when/where the email is opened
Make your email relevant to your customer’s environment and location
Real-time reporting on your email campaigns
Just how successful is your current campaign? How does it compare?
Advanced competitor eCRM
Track, analyse and report on your competitors’ email marketing comms
We are proud to work alongside many leading agencies
Enabling you to benefit from our email technology quickly & easily
If your campaigns offer this level of technology and personalisation we’re sorry to have troubled you.

If they don’t, and you’d like to know more about how technology in email can increase your sales and reduce your costs, we’d love to talk about the ways we can help.
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