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Party season may be in full swing but New Year’s almost upon us - aka, the ideal time to monitor your competitors’ email marketing campaigns and get ahead of the game. Good news: we just made it easy for you.
Our Competitor Monitoring Tool (CMT) is like a backstage pass, allowing you to track, analyse and report on your competitors’ email marketing communications like you do your own.
Head to to try the demo and see how our CMT can transform your business in 2018.
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We’re so confident you’re going to like what you see that, for a limited time only, we’re offering you a risk-free 30-day trial. If you do decide to cancel, however, we’d love to hear your feedback (but only if you’d like to share it with us).
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About us
The Competitor Monitoring Tool has been developed by, one of the UK’s most experienced and innovative email marketing companies.
To find out more about how we can help you please contact us either by phone +44(0)8 4567 12345 or email us at [email protected].
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